Let’s See Who Gets All Questions Right About Avengers!

Marvel cinamatic universe (MCU) is created on the basis of series of comics have sevral character which was created by Stan Lee. It has the stories of superheros who fight for the betterment of all the people and fight with aliens too. It has movies for all individual character and had a final ending in the movie called avengers

Here are some questions about character of mcu and true fans can get it all right

Let’s see who who can score 10/10

  • Question of

    What was Tony Stark’s father name?

    • Howard Stark
    • Robert Stark
    • Ben Stark
    • Joshua Stark
  • Question of

    Initially Bruce Banner’s transformation was not only triggered by anger but also by

    • Grief
    • Sadness
    • Fear
    • Dark
  • Question of

    What is Gamora’s weapon of choice’s name?

    • Kingslayer
    • Unibreaker
    • Untheterer
    • Godslayer
  • Question of

    Thanos has a brother who was a member of Avenger, what is his name?

    • Menos
    • Teleoz
    • Keiso
    • Eros
  • Question of

    Which Avenger that was set to appear in avengers infinity war but didn’t?

    • Hulk
    • Captain marvel
    • Dr strange
    • War machine
  • Question of

    How many VFX did Avengers: age of Ultron have?

    • 2000
    • 2500
    • 3000
    • 3500
  • Question of

    How many films are there in phase three?

    • 5 films
    • 10 films
    • 9 films
    • 11 films
  • Question of

    Ultron was voiced by which famous actor?

    • Brad pitt
    • James spader
    • Leonardo DiCaprio
    • Juo ferigo
  • Question of

    Captain America originally captured Loki alongside which other avenger?

    • Hulk
    • Black widow
    • Thor
    • Iron man
  • Question of

    In addition to gamora, thanos is father to which other MCU character

    • Rocket racoon
    • Thor
    • Loki
    • Nebula