Memory Based Trivia: Riverdale Edition

Riverdale has been Archie Comic’s most loved Television adaptation. Riverdale has been entertaining all of it’s fans since 2017. Since then it became a fan favourite tv series and have never failed to leave their fans awestruck. Here we have created a trivia quiz about the show for you. Take this quiz to see how much you know about one of the most popular show of the time. Even Cole Sprouse couldn’t get all correct, could  you? Comment you scores!

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    What does Archie’s dad do to give Jughead an alibi from Jason’s accident?

    • Give video evidence he was camping with Archie.
    • Fake Work time sheets
    • Hand in a dinner receipt with a timestamp on it
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    How does Archie learn that Jughead’s dad is a Serpent?

    • Sees him at the bar on the southside
    • Betty’s mom reveals it.
    • Jughead tells him
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    What is the name of the high school cheerleading squad?

    • River Serpents
    • River Vixens
    • Mermaidens
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    Why was there bad blood between Archie and Jughead’s father?

    • F.P had an affair with Mary
    • F.P’s associations with the Serpent’s nearly destroyed their business
    • Jughead was staying at Fred’s house
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    Who forced Miss Grundy to leave town after finding out about her relationship with Archie?

    • Penelope Blossom
    • Alice Cooper
    • Mary Andrews
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    What two occupations did Hermione work before her husband was released from jail?

    • Waitress and Bookkeeper
    • Maid and Waitress
    • Writer and Teacher
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    Why does Jughead punch Chuck at his birthday party?

    • He started fight with Archie.
    • He revealed a dark secret about Betty in front of everyone.
    • He threatens Veronica and her family.
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    Archie escorts Cheryl to which annual family event?

    • Mapple tree tapping
    • The twin’s birthday party
    • Christmas lighting ceremoney
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    Which business does the Cooper family run?

    • Jewelery Store
    • Shoe Repair Shop
    • Town newspaper
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    What secret from her past does Alice reveal to Betty?

    • She was in jail for five years for transporting illegal weapons
    • Her firstborn child was a son sh gave up for adoption.
    • Jughead is her son.