Know Your Shows: the stunning locations where these 6 famous TV Shows were Filmed!

3 . Friends

‘Friends’, the story of six friends living in Manhattan, who experience comfort and companionship with each other as they indulge in many adventures.

The Apartments

The theater where Hannah and Clay worked together can be found at an empty storefront at 333 Georgia Street, also in Vallejo.

Central Perk

Beneath the Bedford Street apartments is a restaurant, but it’s called The Little Owl – not Central Perk. Inside, it doesn’t look anything like the famous fictional café and serves up Mediterranean cuisine – not cappuccinos in oversized mugs.


Rachel snagged a job at this prestigious department store in season three. The original out of the 3 branches of Bloomigdales is , a “glorious nine story Art Deco building on Third Avenue .

4 . Sherlock

Dr. Watson, a former army doctor, finds himself sharing a flat with Sherlock Holmes, an eccentric individual with a knack for solving crimes. Together, they take on the most unusual cases.

221b Baker Street

Holmes and Watson give their address as 221b Baker Street, but exterior shots were actually filmed a half-mile north-east in North Gower Street.

The fictional pair live above Speedy’s Cafe, which is a genuine sandwich bar.

Diogenes Club

Sherlock Holmes’ idle but brilliant brother Mycroft is a regular visitor, and its location is given as ‘just opposite his rooms’ on Pall Mall. In the BBC version, the Diogenes has moved to nearby 10 Carlton House Terrace, in reality home to the British Academy.

St . Bortholomew’s Hospital

The ancient Smithfield infirmary features in most if not all episodes of Sherlock. Watson first meets Holmes here .

Without wanting to add spoilers, the roof of the shown building and the pavement below also served in the unforgettable climactic scenes of the final episode to the second series.